Welcome to XodusTech

I am Travis Brown and this site, Xodus Technologies is one man's effort to pure do it yourself projects. This site is dedicated to the documentation of projects I have worked on and wish to share with the open community. These logs contain over 700 images of the various projects I have worked on over the years. Thanks for taking a look!

Some may better know me by my handle WarriorRocker, feel free to message me on AIM or email me.

Featured Projects

Pi-Pocket - The Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket

Build a portable retro gaming console using the Shell of a Gameboy Pocket, a Raspberry Pi, and recharcheable battery.

Wireless Super Nintendo Controller

Build a wireless SNES controller that has the feel and action of the original hardware while also upgrading the interface from the SNES connector to a more modern USB connection.

Adding Magsafe to Asus Zenbook Laptop

Replace an unused USB port with a Magsafe charge port and eliminate issues with the flimsy power connector of the Asus Zenbook thus prolonging the life of the hardware and improving usability.

Featured Work Projects

WhiteCastle 2.0 Redesign

With the new WhiteCastle 2.0 the entire online brand experience has been completely streamlined to interact socially with those who have been Cravers for years and give those discovering WhiteCastle for the first time something to Crave for years to come.

WhiteCastle's CraverNation Fan Area

CraverNation is a fan portal sponsored by WhiteCastle and managed by Zimmerman Advertising. Users of the site are awarded points for interacting with site content such as voting on challenge entries, uploading their own content, and even sharing on social networks. These points earn real world things like free meals and merchandise.

HostNine's Reseller Central Multi Location Platform

Reseller Central is a multi-location based account management platform custom designed for HostNine LLC. The platform integrates with the cPanel/WHM API allowing complete control over remote servers and all cPanel functions.

Featured Development Projects

Responsive Design Best Practices with Example

Learn to create pages that adjust in size and layout to accommodate resolutions and platforms from desktop widescreen to mobile portrait. Get key points to remember while setting up elements that are compatible with responsive design.

Responsive Image Maps with Remap jQuery Plugin

Create responsive image maps with jQuery Remap and now no matter what size the image is scaled to the image map is also scaled proportionally. Works with any existing image map.

Featured Guides and Reviews

Kindle Paperwhite Demo Unlock

Install the stock Kindle Paperwhite firmware for Kindles that are in Demo mode using serial to unlock all the factory features of your Kindle.

Control Raspberry Pi GPIO over the Web

Using this guide and learn how to access the GPIO pins of your RaspberryPi using simple PHP scripts and your Web Browser of choice.

Breadboard-able Boarduino Review

The Boarduino is any prototyper's dream plugging directly into any breadboard and providing all the same capabilities as the regular Arduino.