These projects represent any development work done that is generally for pure education, research, or otherwise trying to fill gaps in the software world.

Featured Development Projects

Responsive Design Best Practices with Example

Learn to create pages that adjust in size and layout to accommodate resolutions and platforms from desktop widescreen to mobile portrait. Get key points to remember while setting up elements that are compatible with responsive design.

VFDuino Arduino Library to interface VFD Screens

VFDuino is a sketch designed to control a Samsung 20T202DA2JA 2x20 VFD using LCD Smartie or other Matrix Orbital compatible applications. The sketch comes with IR Remote (for keypad input) and GPO control.

Responsive Image Maps with Remap jQuery Plugin

Create responsive image maps with jQuery Remap and now no matter what size the image is scaled to the image map is also scaled proportionally. Works with any existing image map.

Web Application for Controlling Multiple Foscam Cameras

Foscam Multi-View allows the user to configure up to 4 foscam cameras to be controlled and viewable through a single web interface. Tabs allow the user to switch between the multi view where a camera can be clicked to view the image in full resolution and also control the camera.

Programs and Games created for the TI-83 Plus

These programs were developed as an exercise in writing complex BASIC (beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code) programs on an embedded platform.