Welcome to the Projects Section

This section is dedicated to modifications (known as mods) and generally voiding the warranties of any device whose function doesn't quite live up to spec or can otherwise be improved in some way.

Featured Projects

Pi-Pocket - The Raspberry Pi Gameboy Pocket

Build a portable retro gaming console using the Shell of a Gameboy Pocket, a Raspberry Pi, and recharcheable battery.

Maglite 18650 Battery Conversion

Retrofit a conventional D-Cell operated Maglite flash light to use the readily available and salvageable 18650 series lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Wireless Super Nintendo Controller

Build a wireless SNES controller that has the feel and action of the original hardware while also upgrading the interface from the SNES connector to a more modern USB connection.

Adding Magsafe to Asus Zenbook Laptop

Replace an unused USB port with a Magsafe charge port and eliminate issues with the flimsy power connector of the Asus Zenbook thus prolonging the life of the hardware and improving usability.

WiFi Arduino Enabled Traffic Light

A physical traffic signal that pulls status information from a remote source and updates the red, yellow, and green lights for the respective status. This project is based off an Arduino Uno with an Atmega328 Microcontroller.

Carputer Car Computer Entertainment System

Upgrade the entertainment system in my car with a full computer with HDMI lcd and Touchscrene. Tying in WiFi or USB tethering with my smartphone and I am able to use services like YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, or anything else that requires internet.

Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining Farm

Setup a Bitcoin or Litecoin mining farm using the cheapest possible host PC configurations and using second-hand server power supplies to supply constant and efficient power to the graphics cards.

USB Host Mode on an HP Touchpad

The HP Touchpad is capable of this functionality right out of the box accept for one major caveat. The Micro-USB does not support feeding power out of the port which means you must bring your own external power to the equation.

Outside Cat Enclosure and Ramp

Your cat looks out the window all day, why not let your cat go outside safely whenever it wants. Placed in an unused section of the deck with a ramp leading from the inside to the larger enclosed area at the corner of the deck.

Converting a Cinema Display to DVI

These displays use a single permanently attached cable to provide DVI/USB/Power to the monitor that has been modified to allow connection to graphics cards and devices that support DVI output.

Dual Ethernet for Alienware Laptop

Create a network appliance of sorts and running it as a router and firewall by adding a second ethernet port to an Alienware laptop that has graphics and display issues.

Shuttle XPC Cooling Upgrade

Cut out the stock honeycomb grill and attach a second fan to create a push-pull fan setup that improves cooling performance and greatly reduces noise making the computer almost silent.