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Kindle Paperwhite Demo Unlock

Install the stock Kindle Paperwhite firmware for Kindles that are in Demo mode using serial to unlock all the factory features of your Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite Screensavers

Learn how to make screensavers for the Kindle Paperwhite and other models using Photoshop and download several examples for your own Kindle.

Control Raspberry Pi GPIO over the Web

Using this guide and learn how to access the GPIO pins of your RaspberryPi using simple PHP scripts and your Web Browser of choice.

Overclocking the Libretto 100ct to 233Mhz

Overclock any Toshiba Libretto 100ct to be the same speed as the 233Mhz Libretto 110ct using this simple mod by connecting two wires on the motherboard.

Custom Built Breadboard-able Switch

Build your own breadboard-able switch out of components that are likely in any prototyper's parts bin.

Featured Repairs

Wii Nyko Battery

Fix a Nyko Rechargeable battery pack for Wii's that is not charging with a simple repair and other tips to get the battery charging again.

Featured Reviews

Breadboard-able Boarduino Review

The Boarduino is any prototyper's dream plugging directly into any breadboard and providing all the same capabilities as the regular Arduino.

Digispark the Breadboard-able Micro Arduino

The digispark is the perfect breadboarding companion for the breadboard area starved prototypers and those looking to spend less time making Arduinos smaller and more time developing your project.