Foursquire Documentation



Foursquire interfaces with the Foursquare API allowing a user to checkin to any location available with the click of a button. Also provided are stats which track the amount of checkins on a daily, 24 hour, and 15 minute basis. Foursquare rate limits checkins for things that count such as mayorships and badges so having stats prevents going over the rate limit.

Foursquire is open source and allows every component to be modified, expanded, and improved. Foursquire uses the Smarty template engine to separate actual PHP code from the HTML and CSS and allows new layouts to be rapidly developed by those with only HTML/CSS experience.



Click Here to download Foursquire now. File provided as .tar archive about 1 MB in size.



A webserver or local computer capable of rendering PHP with an internet connection.


Foursquire can be installed anywhere in your webserver's public_html directory. Many will create a new folder inside public_html named foursquire. Simply extract the contents of foursquire.tar to your foursquire directory and configure as explained below. You may need to set the proper permissions and user ownerships on these files for use with your specific server setup.

Config File

The configuration file is located at ./configs/config.php and contains parameters that need to be setup based on where Foursquire is located on your server.

This section specifies the login(s) for Foursquire. Multiple $fq_users[] may be declared allowing more logins to the Foursquire application.

// Foursquire login(s)
$fq_users = Array();
$fq_users[] = Array('username' => 'squire', 'password' => 'p455w0rd');

This section specifies the Foursquare login(s) to be used. Multiple $fs_users[] may be declared and Foursquire will iterate through these allowing you to change Foursquare accounts easily.

// Foursquare login(s)
$fs_users = Array();
$fs_users[] = Array('username' => '', 'password' => 'p455w0rd', 'display' => 'Display Name');
$fs_users[] = Array('username' => '', 'password' => 'p455w0rd2', 'display' => 'Display Name2');
// Foursquire and Smarty configuration, global variables
define('APP_TITLE', 'Foursquire v1');
define('COMPANY_NAME', 'XodusTech');
define('INSTALL_DIR', '/home/username/public_html/');
define('SMARTY_DIR', INSTALL_DIR.'libs/');
define('DEFAULT_TEMPLATE', 'default');
define('FS_AGENT', 'Mozilla/4.0');

This section configures many global variables that the entire application will rely on. The Foursquire configuration is built upon a common framework used for many web applications. The INSTALL_DIR should reflect the absolute path where Foursquire is located. An example of an absolute path in linux is /home/username/public_html/. The WEB_DIR should reflect the relative path where Foursquire is accessed. For instance if you access http://yourdomain.tld/foursquire/ then WEB_DIR should be /foursquire/. FS_AGENT specifies the browser agent to send along with requests to the Foursquare API.

Using Foursquire

Legal Info

Foursquare is a registered trade mark and its usage is subject to terms located here. The Foursquire code is released under the GPL free software license, explained here. No responsibility is taken for actions made using this application.

Web Access

To access Foursquire simply point your favorite browser to where you installed it. If you are hosting the application locally your URL may be http://localhost/foursquire/, If you installed it on the web it may be http://domain.tld/foursquire/. You will be prompted to login with a username and password, this will be a login configured in the $fq_users[].

User Interface

Foursquire's user interface is very basic but does provide key bits of useful information when viewing past checkins and mayorship statuses. From left to right the top bar of Foursquire indicates the current page being viewed, the current checkin stats, the current user being used, and a dropdown for changing the Foursquare account being used. The checkin stats are updated every minute and will appear orange when you are at or over the current rate limit for checkins that count.


Foursquire was created by Travis Brown, email: